SOLIQ is a Manager with significant experience with investments in financial markets and alternative investments. The firm began operations in 2014 as a Family Office commencing with the asset diversification of a single family, but always looking to evolve as an Asset Manager for Institutional Investors and other Family Offices.

SOLIQ has characterized to fund and develop entrepreneurial teams to raise funds participating in the Investment Committee and, in some cases, take minority positions in the General Partner. The new objective is to become a General Partner integrated with experienced teams in different sectors with differentiated investment strategies.

Become a trusting and secure investment alternative for our clients, looking to satisfy the financial needs through differentiated projects which lead to growth of wealth.

Be known as a Fund Manager, which contributes to growth of wealth of our clients with a professional, accountable, and efficient use of resources.

It’s the cornerstone of all human conduct. Honesty gives evidence to truth and sincerity. This value embraces all human actions and thoughts which generates trust and does not allow lies or deceit. People take a lifetime building trust by their honest acts but can be lost in a second.

Respect is a reciprocal value which is applicable throughout a lifetime. Through respect, people can relate and understand better, as well as, share different interests and needs. It is the way of life which leads to peace and harmony within different aspects of life. Like Benito Juarez, former Mexican President, once said, “The Respect to Other Rights Leads to Peace”. This value makes possible a civil interaction and accepts diversity of people.

Responsibility shows the qualities of the human being and gives accountability to the assumed tasks. Responsible people are the ones that fulfil their tasks and are capable to analyze situations and act according to its consequences.

Justice refers to be nonbiased and give everyone what corresponds by right. The people who dictate justice, they must do it in a nonbiased, responsible and applying it within the Law. Nevertheless, although in some specific situations, justice might look unfair, we must remember that it is applied as what it is considered as morally correct or justifiable for the greater good.

Liberty is a fundamental human right, it is the right that people have to take decisions, act, and assume responsibility of their actions. Once liberty does not limit the liberty of the rest. Nevertheless, liberty is limited to keep safety, protect general welfare, and avoid any abuse of power or authority.


Roberto Gonzalez

SOLIQ Founder and CEO

2 years as Managing Director at Corporación Noble

8 years as CEO of Gruma Mexico and Gruma Central America

1 year as Advisor to the CEO and President of Gruma and Grupo Financiero Banorte

2 years as Booz Allen Consultant

1 year as Management Program at Grupo Financiero Banorte

Board Member for Gruma, Grupo Financiero Banorte and Investment Committee at The Aztec Fund

BSc Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana and General Manager Programs at INCAE and Harvard Business School

Jaime Rodríguez

SOLIQ General Manager and Responsible of Alternative Investments in Real Estate, Venture Capital and Energy

Represents Soliq in Board Meetings from Investment Companies

12 years Planning Director in Gruma Mexico and Central America where he led programs to increase profitability

Participated in 5 M&A processes in the Financial and Retail sectors

4 years as Bain Bain and Company Consultant with transactions in the following sectors: Retail, Construction Materials, and Financial Services

BSc in Engineering from ITESM, Campus Monterrey and MBA from EGADE

Homero Elizondo

Responsible of Public and Alternative Investments at SOLIQ

14 years of experience in the Financial Sector including equity fundamental analysis, government and corporate debt, portfolio strategist, and sector analysis reports

10 years of Financial, Credit and Liquidity Risk Management

10 years of experience with investments in public stocks, indices, government and corporate debt, and alternative investments

10 years of experience in private investments from due diligence, structuring, side letters and private investments management

Member in 7 Technical Committees in CKDs (Mexican Private Funds), FIBRA INN (Mexican REIT), Investment and Risk Committee at Afore INVERCAP, and Board Member at Afore INVERCAP

Has work for Indelpro, Accival (Citibanamex brokerage unit), and Afore Invercap

BSc in Economics from ITESM, Campus Monterrey, MSc in Industrial Economics from UANL and PhD in Economics from University of Essex

Adolfo Zavala

Responsible of the Real Estate Fund at SOLIQ

7 years of experience in Real Estate Portfolios, negotiation, business development and lease retentions at the GEREM (Intramerica Portfolio)

3 years of experience in financial markets, debt syndication, investment origination and structuring at GEREM

7 years of work at Reichmann and CBRE

Organized and lead the due diligence process for GEREM Real Estate Portfolio transaction with Macquarie for more than $500 million usd

BSc in Economics from ITAM and MBA from Instituto de Empresa in Spain

Carlos Mercado

Responsible of the Energy Fund at SOLIQ

3 years of international experience on field with oil operations on water and land, oil wells maintenance with coiled tubing

14 years of experience in the oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream

17 years of experience in development and operating national and international companies in different industries

5 years as consultant of national and international companies in the oil sector with different projects such as:

  • Commercial strategy development to sell services and parts for natural gas engine generators sets
  • Produced water treatment
  • Well stimulation pumping sand control
  • Filtration systems for fuel storage
  • Gas sweetening and GNL recovery
  • Use of flaring gas for power generation
  • Optimization of well mechanical pumping systems
  • Valorization of natural gas by liquefaction and/or power generation (LNG to power)
  • Natural gas virtual pipeline

20 years of experience in sales in the following sectors: oil and gas, metal-mechanic, heavy equipment, power generation, and personal protection equipment.

Has worked in different executive positions in national and international companies such as: MAPA Professional México, Madisa Caterpillar, Grupo IMSA, and Schlumberger

Sc in Mechanical Engineering from ITESM, Campus Monterrey