Skala is one of the first developments for Corporate Center in the Tlanepantla area which is located on the northern part of Mexico City. The building complies with LEED standard offering 57,150 m2 on 15 floors in AAA type offices; and 2 commercial floors. The development has access to important highways (Periferico Norte, Mexico-Querétaro Highway, and Viaducto Bicentenario).

The Aztec Fund is funded by Mexican private capital. The Fund invests in office building in the US. The acquired real estate assets are stabilized with cash flows over 8% in usd, and, give attractive cash flow to its investors. The investment strategy is based in leveraged properties with long term AAA leases, attractive interest rates, low administrative costs, and located in emerging zones. SOLIQ is part of the Investment and Technical Committee.

$90 million in Committed Capital and $220 million invested in assets.

The Lakes at Fountain Square is a multifamily development located in Waukegan, Illinois and close to downtown Chicago. The asset has 384 apartment units with attractive living spaces, with hardwood-style flooring, high ceilings, and full kitchens with Energy Star appliances. The outdoor amenities have a view to the lakes with a private area, swimming pools, child play area, community clubhouse, gym, and business area. Since the investment in January 2016, the multifamily has generated cashflows and returns above average.

The Summit at Landry Way is a multifamily development, located in Fort Worth, Texas. It has 224 apartment units and is close to Highway 30 which connects Dallas and Fort Worth and to entertainment and commercial centers. The multifamily has a pool and picnic area as outdoor amenities.

Winding Trails is a multifamily located in the southwest Houston, Texas area and close to the Sam Houston Tollway. It includes 438 apartment units and has cleaning service, a pool and picnic area. The location is ideal as it has access to one of the most important highways in Houston and is close to entertainment and commercial areas.

The development is located in Lafayette suburb in Guadalajara, Jalisco. It is a mix use development focused in apartments and commercial area. It is a project which accomplishes to complement the historical architecture with the modern styles of the development. It is located in a residential area, which nowadays has transformed to office spaces and commercial areas with a unique style. The developments from the past century complement the new projects which some of them are over 70 meters high.

Gardens LaFayette



It’s a $10 million usd fund which focuses in Angel and Seed investments in the US. The focus of the companies is technology. The fund invests in 15 companies per year with a three-year investment period. The General Partner have a network from which they leverage most of the investments opportunities in the state of California.

Bragel Brothers Fund

Converus is a technological platform focused in the security sector. The company has three services: lie detection, identity detection, and integrity detector. The lie detector has an 86% effectivity and the tests lasts for 30 minutes. The identity detection service takes 3 minutes and has a 90% probability. The integrity detector helps know if the person is trustworthy with an exam which lasts 6 minutes and has 80% effectivity. The platform is servicing government institutions to generate validity and integrity tests with long distance interviews.

Juxta Labbs is a company dedicated to create technological content in the social media segment focused to middle and high school students. Their most recent development is Jott which is a messaging app which uses mesh technology when there is no WiFi and are developing a new app.

Luv.It it’s a platform which is looking to close the gap in the designer clothing industry. The problems the industry has are: it is the second industry which pollutes the most, with low wages, and unsecure labor conditions. The platform looks for new and qualified designers which can sell their products and have a commitment to reduce pollution with better working conditions. The sales are directly to consumers (no middle distributor). The platform also has bloggers and influencers which promote the products the designers sell.

The company is focused to solve the problem of hacking in security of information and communications. How many countries are listening to other governments or people? Vysk is a company which developed communication encryption which is done through WiFi. The security technology is the most advanced for mobile phones. The encryption is dynamic and has security features in the hardware and software that integrates to the mobile phone even if the phone is hacked which is safer than the competition.


Alta Global Ventures is a global fund focused on emerging markets and US. The focus of the fund is to develop companies with technologies in the Fintech, security, identity, internet, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, SaaS, and healthtech. A small percentage of the fund will be focused to Angel to Series A investments leaving certain amount to invest in later rounds. Most of the investments will be done in companies with significant growth. Also, it has network with several labs or angel funds in different countries to get proprietary access. SOLIQ has an interest in the General Partner and is part of the Investment Committee of the fund.

Gosocket is an electronic billing company with operations in several Latin-American countries. The company began operations in Chile and now serves Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Gosocket developed a web platform where companies and individuals can make invoice payments, factoring financing, and order products from certain clients. The platform also has a SaaS where companies can obtain several services such as: accounting, SAP (in some countries), electronic invoice, and other services which will be added. Additionally, the web platforms download the invoice information from the country´s tax agency which verifies its authenticity.

Parity Pay is a company focused to solve the high cost and time that people incur when sending remittances to their families. The platform makes cross country transfers which are typically documented as remittances which are done through a mobile app. Additionally, the platform can also make utilities and other international service payments to have control over their families’ monthly costs.

The potential clients are people who have families (mainly in emerging countries) and have a formal job in the US with a bank account where they can receive wage payments. The mobile app is called SendMi.


BP Energy Partners is a General Partner which manages private funds with a focus on the energy sector. The General Partner have extensive experience in asset management and corporate governance as well as experience in the sector. The manager funds entrepreneurs, family owned companies, and experiences management teams to grow their investments. The fund invested in the following companies: Mesa Natural Gas Solutions, Blue Roads Solutions, Pinnacle Midstream (partial exit), Lifteck International, Strategic Oil & Gas, Sphere Energy, and Thigpen Solutions.


Yolia is a company in the biotechnology sector which is focused to solve presbyopia. The developed treatment corrects the degrading sight up to 100% with a non-invasive treatment. The sight degradation begins after 40 years and is present in 100% of the people after 50 years old. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates calculate about one billion people with this problem in 2005 and by 2020, the amount of people with this sight degradation will be about two billion.

This treatment has had other good results in myopia cases. The treatment is approved for commercialization in Mexico and is in the approval process in other countries.

Public Markets

Portfolio investments in stocks mainly in the US. SOLIQ has three different equity portfolios depending on their strategy and risk profile: medium, high, and a portfolio with high dividend companies and low risk. Additionally, SOLIQ has extensive experience in risk management, government and corporate debt.

In this segment (public markets), SOLIQ can advise in investments or manage funds. The investment strategy will be determined given the client’s risk profile. The strategy can include a combination of debt and equity investments and in some cases alternative investments.